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  1. Romanticism is an important social, intellectual, as well as a literary movement which began in Western Europe during the 17th century and flourished till the second half of the 18th century. Its peculiarities which reflect in the artistic, literary and intellectual works .
  2. Jun 07,  · The Romantic movement originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century, however, it reached its peak in most areas approximately between and Nevertheless, since the spread and popularity of the movement depended on the region, it’s said to have reached Vienna around and ended roughly around
  3. Summary of Romanticism. At the end of the 18 th century and well into the 19 th, Romanticism quickly spread throughout Europe and the United States to challenge the rational ideal held so tightly during the lentiningmictagendliconuttiazuri.infoinfo artists emphasized that sense and emotions - not simply reason and order - were equally important means of understanding and experiencing the world.
  4. The Romantic period The nature of Romanticism As a term to cover the most distinctive writers who flourished in the last years of the 18th century and the first decades of the 19th, “Romantic” is indispensable but also a little misleading: there was no self-styled “Romantic movement” at the time, and the great writers of the period did not call themselves Romantics.
  5. Apr 01,  · The connection between romanticism and nature may have also risen in part as a backlash against the scientific emphasis of enlightenment philosophy, and against the cultural norms of that period. Many romanticist artists, writers, and philosophers believe in the natural world as a source of healthy emotions and ideas.
  6. Apr 17,  · Kusha Sefat’s essay, “The End of Romanticism in Tehran,” appears in the Spring Issue of MQR on Iran. Tagged with: Essay, Iran Folio, KUSHA SEFAT, nonfiction, Writing About the author Kusha Sefat.
  7. The leadership in romantic painting fell to two Frenchmen, Gericault () and Delacroix (). The work of Gericauh is the expression of his personal feelings. His important pictures were painted in and the succeeding years and they recorded various phases of the end .
  8. Romanticism, attitude or intellectual orientation that characterized many works of literature, painting, music, architecture, criticism, and historiography in Western civilization over a period from the late 18th to the midth century. Romanticism can be seen as a rejection of the precepts of order, calm, harmony, balance, idealization, and rationality that typified Classicism in general and late 18th-century .
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